About Brandon Hensinger and The Ambitious Climber

Climbing has made me who I am today...from my passions, to business success, to my outlook on life, and to my ability to persevere. My goal and my aim is to create a passion for climbing and a passion for life in everyone I interact with, and to inspire everyone to never give up on their passions or dreams. I've seen climbing empower me to do those things, I've experienced how climbing has made me successful in business and in my career, and I want to empower others to have the same experience.


High quality training, climbing instruction, and leadership coaching isn't always readily available to everyone (whether due to location or cost), and therefore my mission is to make world class climbing training, climbing instruction, and leadership coaching globally accessible.

No matter what I've done, and no matter where I've been in my life, there has always been a deep rooted pull to the mountains in my soul. When I'm out in the wilderness, when I'm standing on the top of a rocky peak, when I'm suspended on the side of a cliff pondering my next move, I am always impacted by the beauty and simplicity of the mountains and being outside. I can't help but think, every time, that this is what the world was meant to be like. Peaceful, beautiful, and begging to be experienced.

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