Rock climbing and leadership. Many people would see those 2 topics and find them to be mutually exclusive items. Often when one thinks of leadership, images of business meetings, presentations, public figures, managers, bosses, etc. come to mind. Those are all settings in which leadership is required...but where and how can leadership actually be learned?

Sure, it's easy to read about "how to be a leader" in books, watch talks online, attend seminars, and read articles. But the best way to learn how to be a leader is to put yourself in settings where you have the opportunity to lead, to make decisions, to evaluate risk, and to choose correct courses of action. Experience is the best teacher.

Outdoor adventure, and specifically rock climbing, provide an amazing opportunity to learn how to be a leader and how to lead. The skills and lessons learned will transfer to any area of your life in which you are required to be a leader, whether it is in your job, hobby, organization or home.

Over the next few weeks, I'll take some time to expand upon each of these 10 lessons that can be learned through rock climbing.

10 Leadership Lessons From Rock Climbing

  1. Building Confidence in Your Strengths
  2. Learning to Trust Yourself
  3. Learning to Trust Others
  4. Learning to Endure and Not Look Back When a Decision is Made
  5. How to Use Past Experiences to Choose Correct Courses of Action
  6. How to Quickly Evaluate Risk
  7. How to Lay Out an Efficient and Effective Path to follow
  8. How to Let Your Passions Inspire Others
  9. How to Remove Unfounded Fears
  10. How to Achieve More with Less