Checking off Your Task List is Killing Your Sales

Productivity is one of the greatest buzz words that exists. (A buzz word is a word that people frequently use without having any idea what it means, by the way).

Productivity is also one of the biggest misunderstood topics that exists!

Checking off The Task List Does NOT Mean You’re Productive

I think I can safely say that most people equate productivity with how much they can get done, no matter what they are doing. “As long as I check off my list, I am productive.”

Productivity is actually defined as the action of accomplishing things that are helping you move closer to achieving your goals!

me tell you a brief story, and you then tell me if that person is productive.

A salesperson wakes up and has a very full day planned. They start out by planning out who they are going to call on, and then move on to the tasks they need to complete for the day. That list includes organizing marketing material, writing some new email templates that can be used in future emails, cleaning up call notes, organizing the calendar, going to the store to get office supplies, taking time to pay some personal bills, get work around the house done for a little while, organize files in the CRM, help design a backdrop for the company booth for the conference that is coming up, etc. After knocking out all of those tasks, they feel like they can think clearly and they begin to make those sales calls. They only have time to make 4 of the 15 they planned, but that’s ok…they had a productive day. Right?!?


They did not have a productive day, because being productive means that you are doing things that are getting you closer to your goal. As a salesperson, your goal should always be closing more sales. The other things are important, but prioritizing the tasks that get you closer to your goal(s) is what matters most!

Imagine if that person would’ve made all the sales calls first…

So today, stop just doing things that need to get done…do the things that will get you closer to your goals!

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