If the Tree is Bad, It’s Fruit Will Be Too: The Case for Living Life in Order to Be Successful

Imagine this scenario…there are 2 farmers planting an apple orchard. Both farmers plant healthy apple trees. One farmer cares for his trees every day with meticulous detail. The other does nothing to cultivate his trees and just lets their growth be to chance. After a few years, the farmer that cared for his apple trees has trees with beautiful apples, and the other farmer has apple trees with small, sad looking apples. In order to make his orchard look ok, the farmer with the sad apples goes to the store and buys hundreds of healthy looking apples, and overnight glues them to the trees so that customers think that his trees are filled with good apples.

For the first day, the 2 orchards look the same. But by the second and third day, the trees with the glued-on apples start dropping the apples, and the orchard begins to look horrible. It was evident that these trees could not grow healthy apples, and that the glued-on apples were just bandaids to the greater problem of the tree being unhealthy. On the other hand, the farmer that cared for his trees had a flourishing orchard.

The problem wasn’t with the apples…the problem was with the tree itself.

People try to apply advice, principles, sales systems, practices, and routines to try to make themselves successful, while forgetting that if they don’t care for themselves FIRST, they will never really be successful.

Herein lies the principle of Living Life in order to be more successful, and specifically close more sales. For too long, I think that people have been overwhelmed by advice on how to prospect, cold call, close sales, etc. Those things are infinitely important, however if we don’t start with ourselves first, then those other things will only last so long.

There is a lot of advice that talks about reverse engineering your sales process in order to figure out how many clients you need to call on, how much they need to be worth, etc, based upon your revenue targets. I propose a similar process be followed in order to identify what you need to change in your life in order to be able to be successful.

Try the following activity:

Make a list of 3 things that you wish you had in your life, outside of business activities, that you know would bring you great peace of mind and happiness.

This doesn’t need to be a “glory days” activity…it can be anything. For me, it is having daily time with my wife doing whatever it is we feel like doing that day, and also running, cycling, swimming, and climbing outside and doing one of those things on a daily basis.

Now, for each of those items, write 3 reasons why you aren’t currently doing them

This can be a very eye opening activity as you begin to see how the things that are important to you are replaced by things that aren’t!

Look through the reasons you aren’t doing those activities, and identify which of those things can be eliminated from your life, or reworked.

Often the reason that we miss out on the things we really want to be doing is because we are scattered in our activity and not disciplined with the activity at hand. I am going to write a lot more about this specific topic, but for now, realize that if, for example, you are missing out on time where you could be running outside because you spend too much time on social media…maybe you could say “I will set a 15 minute timer, and that will be my social media time.” Finding ways to structure your schedule to allow for what is important can make a huge difference.

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