Thousands of Salespeople Have This Priceless Gift – but Never Discover It!

Do you realize that as a salesperson you have a unique gift?

You have the ability to go out and talk to people, hear what their pains are, and find a solution to help them.

That is an amazing gift…and one that not everyone has.

So many salespeople forget that there is a bigger picture to sales than just closing the next deal and moving on. You have the ability to create a movement around what you are doing, and around what you are selling. You have the ability to change people’s lives, in a cascading way. If you change your customers’ lives, it will in turn change THEIR customers’ lives etc.

It is so important to have a bigger picture view of what you are doing.

When I realized that I wasn’t just selling diagnostic lab services, but a solution that would make people healthier and happier, and would give physicians better solutions for their patients, I realized that what I was doing was going to make a huge difference.

That’s why as a salesperson I never focus on selling the product. I focus on selling how it is going to impact customers’ lives.

People spend their entire lives trying to find ways to help others, or have a job where they feel like they can directly impact others’ lives, but not everyone achieves that. Think of all the non-profits that exist that never fulfill their dreams of helping the people they set out to help. Think of the fundraising that takes place for people to get ideas off the ground that never materialize.

YOU have an amazing gift…because with every call, with everything you do, you can immediately help others and change the world, one sale at a time!

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