How to Discover Why You Are a Salesperson…and Use it to Your Advantage

Do you remember your first sale? Can you think of why you got involved in sales in the first place?

I absolutely do, and it is a fond memory!

I have always loved sales. It’s actually been something that has been in my blood ever since I can remember. One of my first sales experiences was when I was working at an adventure outfitter shop my freshman and sophomore years of college. One of the responsibilities I had was selling jackets and clothing to people who were going out to hike the Appalachian Trail or nearby trails.

What I quickly discovered was that I excelled at convincing people to buy the more expensive jackets. People would come in looking for a rain jacket. When they’d come to the counter with a cheap $25 rain jacket, I would say to them, “Well, you know, if you buy this, it’s going to wear out within a season and you’re going to have to keep buying a new jacket every season. Have you ever considered buying a Gortex jacket?” I would go in to a whole pitch about the value of the jacket, demonstrate how it worked and I would say nine times out of ten, I could convince people to leave the store with a $400 jacket, when in reality they came in with the desire to buy something cheap for only $25.

It was then that I realized that I was really good at sales…and I really loved it. I began seeking out other opportunities to-to sell.

That moment has stuck with me forever and coming back to it always helps me keep things simple.

Sales can so easily be defined as “Persuading someone who has a problem to exchange money or something valuable with you for a solution that will make them happy and will make their problem go away, and that will also benefit you financially.”

That’s the truth I keep coming back too. When I sell, I always remember that the person I am talking to needs what I am selling. As a side note…that means I’ll never sell something I don’t believe in, and I don’t think anyone should.

For me, I started selling because I love the thrill of the hunt, I love the process of sales, I love helping others, and I love the financial rewards. I genuinely love business and love sales. It is that simple to me.

I have cycled through many thoughts to determine but what my proper motivation is, but it always comes back that. And it is so freeing to me to realize that I do this because I love it.

But don’t miss that last part…it also benefits you financially. This isn’t selfish…everyone knows that you are selling to them because you and your company are trying to make money.

If you lose your original passion, you won’t succeed and you’ll be stressed and overwhelmed.

Why Did You Start Selling?

Do you remember why you started selling? Think about it. What made you first get involved with selling? What was your first sale?

Understanding that will help bring your mind back to a time when you weren’t scattered and overwhelmed. Thinking back to those moments always calms my mind and helps me simplify the sales process.

Do You Think Its’s Wrong to Care About Your Personal Benefit?

Have you fallen prey to sales myths? There is so much bad sales advice out there. People often say that you should never focus on the benefit to you but only to the customer.

Let me ask you this…do you think your customer cares about themselves and their success? They make decisions about what is good for them…so why can’t you make decisions about what is good for you?

Time to Get Back to Where it All Started

I don’t think anyone is working (in ANY job) because they are just doing it for someone else. Everyone works because they need to take care of themselves. Being motivated by that isn’t selfish. In fact, when you realize that your customers make decisions based on what is good for them, and you realize that you work hard because it is good for you, everyone wins!

Enjoy the process. Live Life, Eliminate Stress, Close More Sales.

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