You Aren’t Alone…Sales is Stressful.

I first got my taste of sales with my first real sales job in diagnostic lab sales. Between that time and now, it has not always been easy. It was a struggle. It was a challenge. After 2 to 3 months of experiencing incredible pressure to meet quota, of having been given a huge territory with no direction of who I was supposed to call on or how to find the right clients, I was successful but I was so stressed out. More and more so every day. So much so that I found my life to be disappearing because I couldn’t think about anything else besides work. I just felt like I had to constantly work or else I wasn’t going to be successful. But I didn’t know what Iwas supposed to be doing or what the right kind of clients were because I had no experience. So I called on everyone. I went everywhere and it stressed me out. Between the lack of time and the stress and pressure from the job and not knowing how to handle it because I was still pretty young, within only a couple years out of collegeI was a successful but stressed out sales rep who felt like life was disappearing. 

I wanted to be successful, and make a lot of money, and prove to people that I was the best sales person. I wanted to achieve all my professional, personal, and financial goals which included living a full, amazing, passionate life. I wanted to get my life and happiness back while continuing to pursue all my goals with all of my ability. I remember these thoughts swirling around my mind and one day I was in New Bern, North Carolina, parked in front of a pharmacy and I just crashed. I remember I had put my head in my hands, and had tears in my eyes, just thinking about what’s become of me. I had lost myself, lost my life and what’s really important to me. I remember sitting in that parking lot feeling like I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t really know which way was up. I really wanted to figure out how I could get my life back and reduce the stress and the strain. But I didn’t see a way out. I felt like if I didn’t find a way out, I wasn’t going to be the top performing sales rep. I wasn’t going to have an amazing life. I wasn’t going to achieve my professional and personal goals. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to be doing.

I felt like the more time that went on, the more stress was added to me. The farther away I was from the things I love and the things I love to do, the worse I felt about the situation. Here is one specific example which was a vicious cycle. During this time, when I was feeling so stressed out, when I didn’t really know what to do, I actually missed my quota. Even though I was working as hard as possible trying to figure out my life, thinking that this is going to make me successful, I missed my quota. I directly attributed it to not being happy in life. I was stressed out and overwhelmed. It made me feel very down because not only was I missing out on life, but then I began to see that I wasn’t having the sales success that I needed or wanted. The suffering that I was going through almost seemed like it wasn’t worth it.

 But what I realized at that point is that I had to work hard, but also that I needed to find a way to eliminate the stress and to live my life at the same time. I felt like I hit a wall because I had no idea which direction to go. I didn’t really have any idea which direction to take and I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do. But I did know that I love sales and I wanted to be successful and I wanted to get my life back. All of these thoughts were going through my mind that day in the car in North Carolina. That’s when I remembered that one of the things people always told me throughout my life is that I did things differently and I was always able to find a solution to accomplish what I wanted.

When I began to realize that I’ve lived my entire life doing things differently, finding ways to achieve what I want, I thought, ‘why is that going to stop now?’ I decided in that parking lot in New Bern, writing it down on a yellow legal pad, that I was going to come up with my own solution, in fact, my own sales system, my own methodologies, my own solutions to every area of my life so that I could be a successful sales person again and live an amazing life. It was starting to become clear to me; how to eliminate things that were wasting my time and not moving me closer to my goals; and how I could build things into my life that would allow me to have a greater return on time investment and accomplish my goals while closing more sales and becoming more successful. 

I was beginning to develop a brand-new version of myself. 

Fast forward to today…I’ve been able to live my life, eliminate stress, and close more sales, as well as help others do the same.

Don’t feel alone…everyone in this profession has gone through hard times. You need to figure out what works best for you, and set out to fix your problems.

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