Here’s Why You Keep Forgetting to Discuss Key Topics in Sales Presentations

TOO MANY OPTIONS. That’s it. You are offering your prospects and customers too many options. You are filling your mind with too many things to remember.

How many times have you reflected on a sales meeting and thought, “Oh NO…I forgot to say XYZ!”? I’m pretty sure it has happened to all of us.

I remember being invited to give a talk on reproductive health innovations at a conference in Uruguay many years ago. I spoke about EVERY single point of the technologies I was discussing, and it was only after I finished that one of the audience members said, “So how can we access this?” I realized that I never even did the most important thing…told them how to get access to the technology! Sounds crazy, right?

I have other examples from when I was younger, like forgetting to tell doctors what the pain drug Balacet that I was selling was used for. I could go on and on.

The reason that this happens is because when we try to squeeze in too many options, we can’t possibly remember everything we want to discuss. (Unless of course you read from a piece of paper, like a robot! )

This does a disservice to ourselves AND our customers.

If you think you are forgetting things because you are presenting too many options, imagine how your customer is most likely forgetting EVERYTHING you said.

Action Point for Today: Pick a Singular Focus before going in to your next meeting. Stick with selling it and ONLY it.

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