Why Loving Your Work Will Make You Live Life to the Fullest

One of the trends of the past years, that drives me crazy, is the concept of avoiding hard work and somehow believing that it will lead to success. The trend here has tapped in to a desire that many people have…which is to get rid of overwhelm and stop wasting time on things that aren’t important. I don’t believe that the authors of these books and proponents of these beliefs wanted to promulgate an idea of “Don’t Work,” but I think that so many people feel so overwhelmed and stressed out, that they have misinterpreted their writings.

Jeff Haden, in his book “The Motivation Myth,” summarizes this very well, where he says that Tim Ferriss is actually one of the hardest working guys around, and that his book is focused on 10x’ing output by using the strategies he puts forward in Four Hour Workweek. However, so many people interpret Tim’s work as an, “I don’t want to work” approach. It backs up the concept of if you want to interpret something a certain way, you’ll see everything through that lens. Tim actually seeks to optimize is time so that he can accomplish more. If you read 4 Hour Workweek and didn’t pick up on that, I’d recommend reading it again.

In fact, I don’t think any popular business authors push a view of “Don’t Work Hard.”

Neither do I.

My primary focus in my books and my trainings is that I want people to realize that in order to feel like work and sales is not sucking the life out of you, you can focus on changing your beliefs and practices, and your mindset, so that you can begin viewing life and work differently.

One of the primary ways to do that, and really the groundwork behind everything I write, is to stop looking at work as something that you need to get finished with in order to live life. We spend most of our days (or should) working, and therefore we need to realize that if you want to live an amazing life, you have to cultivate a love for each part of your life and not view work as something that gets in the way.

This is the mentality that I want everyone to have as they read and listen to the concepts that I present. When you can achieve the mindset that work is not a hindrance, you can being developing practices and habits (which I present in this book), that allow you to craft every task, project, goal, and day in a way that allows you to eliminate stress and overwhelm, and watch your enjoyment of life skyrocket, and your sales rapidly increase.

If this sounds impossible, that’s ok. Just keep this concept in mind that work and sales is not the enemy, but a part of your life that you need to start loving and enjoying. Everything else will begin falling in to place.

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