The Biggest Boundary to Living Life and Having Phenomenal Success…Overthinking

I’ve spent so much time thinking about what to do and planning my actions…that I’ve often run out of time to actually do the things that are important.

Have you ever experienced that? When I realized that trying to apply advice and guidance from everything I read, listen to, and watch was causing me to take SO much time…and sacrificing time when I could actually be producing, I was floored!

This revelation came to me years ago, and I realized at that point how overthinking was deeply rooted in me.

In fact…it was really anxiety about what the right approach was, or the right action to take. Anxiety can be a nasty thing. Sometimes it causes us to take action, other times it causes us to get stuck in a cycle of worry.

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Often when we, as salespeople, are planning our actions, we don’t know the outcome and we tend to get anxious. In fact, when we make plans we NEVER know the outcome.

Overthinking every step of everything we do can lead to anxiety and mental paralysis. Do you identify with this?

When I realized this was happening to me, I committed to myself that instead of planning every step of every project. I’d just plan the next thing I was going to do, and realize that it was more important to Take Action. I would develop a roadmap…but would only list a turn at a time!

The trick to overcoming anxiety leading to “action paralysis” is to stop trying to plan the outcome of everything. Just know what your next step is…and allow there to be more flexibility in your planning.

Now I am NOT saying that you shouldn’t follow a schedule or routine. Routines are key to success as well and I will discuss that tomorrow and Friday. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t over plan and overthink. Focus on taking action and watch your anxiety disappear!

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